Monday, 23 February 2015

The Reason for Choosing Polaroid Photography.

This blog is created to intrigue any individual who likes photography, but more specifically polaroid photography. 

Photography is a very important thing in my life, and I absolutely love being behind a camera to capture a perfect moment, to me it is an art, an art of expression and an art of telling a story, to shock, to surprise, to indulge, or to remember what is important, and that is why I'm creating this specific blog. It focuses on polaroid photography because it is a thing I believe that is not being appreciated like it should be.This is a topic that is personal and as knowledge is gained about this specific topic, the more will be posted. This blog is also to enlighten and educate any person with an interest in polaroid photography. 

The generation of technology especially in photography has grown so fast in such a short age, that we forget the sentiment behind a photograph and the memories that is forever printed on a piece of paper. Based on personal opinion, polaroid photography is a top choice to capture these moments. Why some might ask? Here is an answer: Polaroid photography is instant, it's in the moment, no Photoshop, no editing, just a beautiful moment captured in time, no prejudice, or judgement based on peoples looks or beauty, just plain and simple photography. It is beautiful, it is precious, and makes the memory more memorable, as it should be. It creates this authentic feel towards the memory, as if it happened not too long ago, and as one holds the photograph in their hands, they will remember that moment as if it is replaying a scene, or a memory, it brings up emotions, happiness, sadness, or even longing, longing to be in that moment again. It is a fun way to capture memories. One does not have to wait for the film or images to be developed, it's there within a few seconds. No hassle. 

Polaroid photography is authentic and real.

But there is a catch, somehow 'vintage' photography is more costly than digital photography, and it is understandable, the time and finances spent to develop films, or to create a darkroom, it gets expensive, but why is polaroid film so expensive? Is it because it is considered as an art, or just some 'vintage' camera where sellers can extort they buyers? 
 Polaroid photography is trending once again and research will be done to find out why it is making a comeback, is it just a trend that is growing or is it to prove that polaroid photography is one of the best ways to have fun and create amazing memories? 

This blog will answer all of those questions, and also enlighten and educate the readers on polaroid photography, that personally is a favourite way of capturing the best memories.
This blog will also do a brief history of where polaroid photography started, how it developed, why it became this vintage way of photography, and how it's slowly making a comeback. 


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